The Grade School Years (A Guest Post)

(Another guest post from my beautiful bride. Enjoy!)

Every stage of life comes with pros and cons, and it is always nice to have people in your life who have been there. Erin MacPherson shares her stories and advice in such a way that her work brings glory to God while edifying her sisters in Christ. She also uses the personal experiences of others to shed light on areas of parenting that can be difficult or troublesome.

I was very apprehensive about reading The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years. The cover itself led me to believe I would not get anything out of the book because it is written to “send your kid off into the Big Wide World,” and we plan on homeschooling. Opening the book, skimming the chapter titles and reading the first chapter really had me thinking my assumption was correct, but I continued reading and before I knew it, the book was done.

The easy read gave insight on all types of schooling. It gave ideas and guidance on dealing with almost everything kid-related, and while almost all of it applies to sending your child to a physical school, it can be applied to co-op groups, play dates and any interaction your child may have. MacPherson also addresses the ever-growing educational pressure for our children to succeed according to society’s standards and offers advice for how to deal with that stress.

My favorite part of the book was how the Bible is referenced. MacPherson uses scripture throughout her work to reiterate her ideas and advice. She addresses children’s faith and kindness, discipline and (perhaps most importantly) creating a vision for your family. If your destination is determined by what path you are on, the developing a family vision is one of the most fundamental things that you can ever do.

Overall, MacPherson is very real in her writing. She attempts to connect with her readers in a genuine way, and I think she typically succeeds. With two of her Christian Mama entries now completed, I can say that this book will quickly be shared and recommended to friends.


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