Parenting A Toddler (A Guest Post)

This is a guest post from my wife, Sarah. Enjoy!

Spending all day with children can be trying, frustrating, nerve-wracking and simply exhausting. Any parent, teacher, day care worker or even volunteer knows that children can also be the greatest gift and blessing on this Earth. Erin MacPherson, mother of three, uses personal experiences, professional advice and (my personal favorite) humor to write The Christian Mama’s Guide to Parenting a Toddler. The book is one in a series designed to encourage and steer Christian mothers.

No child is a as simple as textbook answer, and MacPherson does not have all the solutions, but her modestly titled chapters and bullet point list of tips make this a very easy read during those few minutes at naptime, when you think you should be doing the laundry or the dishes or cleaning. You can even read it while you are on your lunch break or waiting for the bus.

MacPherson does an excellent job relating to moms, both stay-at-homes and those who work outside of the home. She opens up to her readers, helping moms avoid feeling alone in the frustrating and trying times of rearing a two year-old. She gives “How-to” and “How-to-not” tips on difficult subjects like potty training and tantrums, and even gives some fatherly advice from experienced dads in one chapter. All of her advice and ideas on everyday toddler happenings are wonderful, but her guidance on incorporating Jesus into our daily activities captivated me, especially in her chapter on discipline.

After reading her book, I feel more in control and empowered to be the mother that Christ wants me to be. I find myself taking an extra moment to act, rather than react, when dealing with my 2 year old. After all, I am the adult and I am the one walking with the Holy Spirit guiding me.


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