The Truth About the Lordship of Christ by John MacArthur

_240_360_Book_628_coverI’ve previously written that I’m not a big fan of collected series. Pulling from other works to assemble something that might have been a book just doesn’t do much for me. For a moment, however, I’d like to make an exception. John MacArthur’s The Truth About the Lordship of Christ may have transcended the dreaded compilation book stigma. Reading more like a section from one larger doctrinal work, MacArthur lays out why exactly it matters that Christians consider their King.

This short treatise begins with why Christ is the “Lord of the Universe,” and ends with the “Ultimate Destination” of humanity. And it is perhaps in the final chapter where MacArthur stands out from so many other books on similar subjects. He pulls no punches, and hides no opinions regardless of offensiveness. MacArthur does what any good book about Christianity should do: he challenges believer’s to examine their own faith, as well as the faith of their community at large. It’s not easy to end on a note that goes something like this:

Everyone who professes assurance is accepted as a genuine believer, even if that person’s lifestyle opposes everything Christ stands for. The conscience screams against such a doctrine!

That takes conviction, and at the same time hope; a hope that believes Christians will come around if they will only realize the bunk they’ve bought into.

Overall, MacArthur’s book is a worthwhile read for mature and new Christians. While a mature Christian may not read something they haven’t encountered before, its never a bad thing to revisit the essentials. As for new believers, I would consider this book a must have. MacArthur’s plain language takes a theological concept and lays it out in the most basic it can get.


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