Like Butter


This is the stack of books that I still am reviewing for groups like Thomas Nelson and Paraclete Press. I love getting free books, and seeing that all I am required to do in return in read them, then write 500 words about what I read, who could ask for more?

As great as it sounds though, this is one thing I will be altering over the next couple of months in order to better focus my efforts. Between being a good husband and father, honoring God in my work and volunteer service, and sleeping, I was beginning to find myself short on time. When I looked at my schedule there were a couple of places that I thought I could change up a bit in order to free up more time for the one thing that has suffered the most: relational time between me and God.

Much like Frodo, I feel like butter scraped over too much bread. I’ve lost some of my direction as a result, and here are some ways I’ll be finding my focus.

1) Book reviews: After this stack is polished off in the next couple of weeks (all of the above books have been started, just not finished), I will go on hiatus. Except in highly opportune circumstances, I will limit my book requests to 2 per 3 months. That will give me more time to focus on directed reading and writing, rather than feeling like I’m constantly playing catch up.

2) Video games: I don’t play a whole lot of video games, but I play more than I think I should. So I’ll be limiting myself for the next couple of months (aiming for one day a week, no more than 3 hours a day), and eventually phasing them out. This won’t be a complete abandonment, as my wife and I enjoy tearing up some Halo Reach every once in a while, but the goal is for the desire to play video games to not interfere with, again, more directed efforts.

3) Blogging: This one will hopefully see a boost, as this is typically where I work out some theological thoughts prior putting them into something academic, or at least useful. Since creative blogging had suffered as of late, this is something I hope to bolster over the coming months towards that more directed effort I keep mentioning.

Overall, this will be an exercise in discipline and reservation. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will have an impact over the long haul.


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