Scattered Shots

There’s been a lot of things rolling around in the ol’ noggin here lately. Stuff about Genesis, like this discussion here. Or the huge blindspots I feel exist in the potiical climate this year, like these things for example. But ultimately, what really got me thinking was a discussion my wife and I had.

I’m working through this book, so that I can have an intelligent discussion about it with a recent high school graduate. And it made a point that my wife and I thought worth contemplating: is the Cross the foundation for our faith?

It’s a trick question mind you, because the Cross is only one part of the foundation of our faith. After all, the Cross without the Empty Tomb is still death. But we discussed it for some time and I pondered whether or not I would seem odd for such a thought amongst my friends and co-workers.

And all of this reminded me of a video I saw recently. It’s worth two minutes of your time:

I totally get what Chan is saying, or at least I think I do. Gathering together matters, not only because it keeps us on mission, but quite frankly it keeps us from heresy too. Christ is clear, “For when two or three gather together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” However, just because something is good, doesn’t mean it is the point.

There are so many days as of late where I wish I could throw everything to the wind and love mercy, doing justice in the process, all while walking humbly before my God. And I am convinced that along the way I would encounter, just like Elijah of old, all the others who have heard the Lord’s calling to the hard things and stepped up.

I want to be on the front lines of IJM or Living Water. I want to get my hands dirty, and rub shoulders with the people God loves, and who love Him, through the process.

But right now, the hard things boil down to being a light where I’m at; to being a good husband, and a gracious dad. Sometimes, I need to be reminded of that. Still, I look for those souls who enkindle the same spark in me that I hope I spark in others: seek God, and obey Him.


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