The Truth About Forgiveness by John MacArthur


The Truth About Forgiveness is part of a series that Pastor John MacArthur has recently unleashed upon Christendom which seeks to boil down some of the key teachings about Christianity. This little book, primarily concerned with the multi-faceted concept of forgiveness found in the Bible, is a good beginner’s tool. MacArthur weaves recent events, with good Biblical exegesis to produce a succinct work that pronounces in no uncertain terms that forgiveness is essential to the Christian life.

MacArthur has entitled the first chapter of his recent work “We Need to Be Forgiven.” Well, Dr. MacArthur, I forgive you. With his latest series, The Truth About…, MacArthur has given into the all too enticing “patchwork” book. It is a cobbling together of various portions from previous works, in an effort to demonstrates MacArthur’s main thoughts on specific titles. For some, these kind of book are fantastic. But, for people like me, this just doesn’t cut it. Aside from looking like a cheap ploy to make more money, the book lacks significant continuity of thought. Yes, all the chapters are about forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean they flow together as a coherent unit. MacArthur is capable of much better efforts, but he is not alone in such a misstep.

While I could easily recommend such a book to either a new Christian with questions about forgiveness, or even an immature Christian struggling with a relevant situation, this is not a work I would suggest to many others.


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