The American Patriot’s Bible, KJV

_240_360_Book_588_coverThe American Patriot’s Bible (King James Version) by Thomas Nelson Publishers is an interesting and informative approach of blending modern cultural studies with a reading of God’s Word. Using America’s original Christian foundation as the guiding theme, indexes, maps and biographies can be found throughout. While the merging of American patriotism and studying God’s Word can be problematic, Dr. Richard G. Lee does an excellent job of putting the importance of Scripture first, and the reliance of America’s founders upon these Scriptures as a secondary concept.

This King James Version is setup in a traditional format, with succinct introductions to each book of the Bible. What has been added to this study Bible is the oft overlooked history of American Christianity, and the incredible role it has played in developing our culture. Lee does an excellent job of focusing on great leaders, regardless of race, gender or occupation, who have impacted America in the name of Jesus.

One of the most important aspects of this Bible, and perhaps the sole reason I would most recommend it, is the explanation of several Christian Principles that serve as lamp posts for the reader. As an educator who works at a Principle Approach school, the use of universal principles to explain the strength’s of America’s government, and the weaknesses of the direction it is heading in, is something that more Christians should connect with. Lee sums these ideas up beautifully in his “Call To Action,”

As believers in Jesus we have His call to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ to the world (Matt. 5:13-16). We must take seriously our responsibility to put God first, not only in our homes but also in our national affairs.

This sentiment rings true for so many Christians in America today. But for some, the divide between the sacred and the secular still proves to wide. The American Patriot’s Bible serves as an excellent stepping stone towards eliminating that divide, and gaining a greater understanding of America’s Christian Heritage.


2 thoughts on “The American Patriot’s Bible, KJV

  1. called the American Patriot’s Bible that deliberately advocates Civil Religion as Christianity. They have a Web site with promotional videos that propagandize that the Founding Fathers were a nationalistic version of Jesus and the disciples. The same promo likens Lincoln to Moses but doesn’t tell you where they got this: Kennedy’s second inauguration speech. This is alarming. Christians and atheists alike need to know what kind of sacrilegious stuff is going on.

    • Unfortunately, I think your understanding of history as well as the religious principles that governed the founding fathers is lacking. A thorough reading of the founding documents will reveal this is not an advocation of “civil religion,” but rather reminding people that America was founded as a Christian nation (although I would argue we are no longer such a nation). This Bible seeks to simply incorporate those elements with the reading of God’s Word.

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