A Year With Jesus by R.P. Nettlehorst

_240_360_Book_478_coverR.P. Nettlehorst’s A Year With Jesus is an interesting take on the daily devotional genre. Choosing topics that are easily universal to any brand of Christian, Nettlehorst examines what Jesus has to say on these issues, doing an excellent job of holding to the Gospels for his material. As his introduction makes it clear, this devotional’s main purpose is to serve as a relationship builder between the reader and their Savior.

Nettlehorst’s observations are precise and fluid. His use of Scripture is commendable, and I found very little which might cause me to raise an eyebrow in skepticism. One of the most wonderful aspects, in my opinion, is the author’s use of translations. Often, when any Christian book is being penned, one translation is chosen in an effort to streamline quotes and references. As a student of theology, this often frustrates me as it can feel as though an interpretation hinges upon an English word rather than a Hebrew or Greek word. Nettlehorst dodges this altogether by showing no partiality to any one translation.

This book serves as an excellent starting point for anyone who is interested in getting to know Jesus. A new Christian, or a mature Christian who hasn’t studied the Gospels much, can greatly benefit from the words of Christ which serve as the basis for Nettlehorst’s book.

With those things in mind, I would strongly recommend this book on the mere basis of the Biblical Truths that it conveys. Regardless of my own preferences, Nettlehorst endeavors to remind Christians from whence they draw their name. And his book, A Year With Jesus, is an great resource for just such a journey.


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