58: The Film

That was the genius of this movie. It wasn’t a “look at all these starving children and feel guilty.” It was just seeing reality for what it is and these real people accepted it as such. Both the good and the bad. – Elisa, Founder of Average Advocate

I’ve been searching for the words to describe 58: The Film, but someone else had already said what I wanted to say. The quote above accurately details what made 58: The Film so powerful.

It was interesting to take part in the website, because it was there that I discovered many of the organizations behind the film are groups that my wife and I already partner with in various ways (Compassion International, Living Water, ECHO, etc.) That, in and of itself, was motivating. If these groups can work together, then other Christians should be able to gather together and do this, right?

Out the gate, the response has been muted. There have been no world-wide revivals of Christians living out Isaiah 58. There are still the poor, the hungry, and the oppressed.

And yet, Christ still reigns.

This is a hard truth that I have been dealing with lately. If my goals are not met, does that mean Christ is no longer sovereign? The easy answer is, “that’s silly.” The truth is though, many, like me, want to give up when the response isn’t what we thought it would be.

What if the vision isn’t contagious?

The reality is, sometimes we aren’t communicating well. Other times, people aren’t receptive. But regardless of what hindrances exist, we all must live up to what God has called us to.

A friend tonight told me had “stirred” up the worship pastor in our church. He meant it half-jokingly, but the statement made an impact. Am I stirring people up towards God? Because that’s what I think He’s called me to do.

All of this goes to say, 58: The Film stirred something in me. And I want that stirring spread like a wildfire through everyone I encounter. But even if it doesn’t, I must always remember: “I am neither an optimist, nor a pessimist; Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!”

My dearest Father, Who resides in heaven eternal, may Your name by glorified and made holy through Your people. I beg You to use me as an instrument to make Your will a reality on earth, just as it is in heaven. I thank you for the provision you have blessed me and my family with, and I pray that we will be a blessing to others as a result. Forgive me my insecurities and selfish ambitions, just as I forgive others through the strength and love you have given me. Keep me from temptation Lord. Do not let Satan have his way in my life. For everything: this world, the afterlife, all power, and all glory; they’re all Yours eternally. Amen.


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