Social Suggestions

I rarely do much promotional writing on here, but in light of my soon-to-be departure from Facebook, I thought I would offer some suggestions for other social networking sites that I will be trying out.

Google+ is not particularly high on my list, but is likely the most comprehensive alternative to FB. I do intend to give it a whirl, but quite frankly I trust Google only a smidgen more than I trust Facebook. Why am I so hesitant? Well, the recent changes in FB are most likely a direct result of what Google+ has to offer, which means much of their privacy policies will be the same. is an interesting idea. It’s a very simple profile, that doesn’t require you to input a bunch of personal info, and let’s you connect the page to whatever other services you so choose. So far, I am enjoying their work. There isn’t a whole lot in the way of “social networking” to speak of, but the concept is a solid one I think. It serves as a bridge connecting other services, which is something I’m more interested in at present. I don’t want to do everything through “one” company, which is precisely what Google and Facebook are aiming for. Interested? Go here. has me super-intrigued. It’s in beta, and by invite only. But it sounds neat. Imagine the original Facebook combined with LinkedIn, and designed with some Etsy influence. All in all, I’m hoping to make the next round of beta invites so I can try it out.

LinkedIn is nothing new, but has made great improvements in the shadow of Facebook and MySpace. I like this site because it seems purposeful. While there are certainly superfluous aspects of the site, simple things like requiring recommendations keep the site focused on the professional aspect. Want to see what I mean? Check it out.

Twitter is also old hat, but still, I will maintain my account with them. Why? It remains the easiest way to disseminate information, which is my primary focus in social networking anyways. I’d have deleted my Facebook account ages ago if I didn’t relish in sharing information with so many people. But since I won’t be stalking people or playing Words with Friends, I’ll have more time to expand my Twitter following. So follow me!

Overall, each of these websites is an improvement in my mind. None of these websites wield absolute power like Facebook does (with the possible exception of Google), and they seem more interested in what their users desire, rather than what their advertisers desire. So I encourage you to visit them.


2 thoughts on “Social Suggestions

  1. In signing up for Google+ you are able to click that you do NOT want ads tailored to your interests so they are not taking your information and selling your soul… it seems that way at least.

  2. Sean,

    Drummond Reed from Connect.Me here. Thanks for the mention. Glad to invite you into the beta. Here’s the easiest way: first, if you don’t already follow @respectconnect on Twitter. Once you’ve done that, send both your Twitter username and your Twitter profile name (e.g., mine is @drummondreed and Drummond Reed) to anchors <> Connect.Me.

    We’ll reply back to you from there.



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