Bad science and worse logic

Tonight, I am tired. Perhaps a bit frustrated too. And still, even with a weary body and distracted mind, I can spot bad science from a mile away.Hubble - Pillars of Creation

This article came out recently and, quite frankly, it makes me borderline angry. Why? Because it’s misleading, for one. And two, it demonstrates just how lost so many are in this world.

Let me briefly explain.

We’ll start with bad science:

Two hundred million years earlier, during the violent throes of planetary formation, Earth was a mass of molten minerals set afire by collisions with planet-sized heavenly bodies.

These Olympian crashes probably threw up the Moon and also caused billions of tonnes of liquefied gold and platinum — enough to cover the planet with a crust four metres (13 feet) thick — to sink to centre, creating its core.

And there the precious metals lie, forever beyond the reach of grasping human hands.

This much was known.

How do we knowsomething like what is described in this passage?

Can we verify this through any of our five senses?

Can we read the account, or at least speak with someone who witnessed these events?

Can we in any way possible visually (or in any other way) confirm that these ideas are indeed KNOWN as opposed to believed?

The overwhelming response to those questions is…no. This is bad science because it states as fact what is actually theory because it cannot be verified as fact through the scientific process.

What’s worse is that most people (not all) will read that article and simply assume that what it claims is true. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and everyone else. They won’t take the time to logically reason to themselves that this concept is based on all kinds of preconceived notions that they [the readers] may or may not agree with. No, they will read it, accept it, and add it to their mental piggy bank of “facts.” Such an article is irresponsible from a media standpoint (and a scientific one as well), but it is also manipulative because it does not leave room for the reader to question it’s validity.

To talk about these things is to delve into the realm of faith. And I have no problem with someone who wants to believe that science has the right idea when it makes claims about trillions of years ago and what have you. But I want them to be honest about it. I want them to call it faith, not science.

This is the perfect example of how bad science leads into worse logic.


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