Reasons Why

A repost from my family blog. Seemed appropriate for here too.

Why would anyone open a Bible school? Well, you can read about why such a place is important here. When it boils down to it, few Christians know what the Bible teaches. Many know what their pastor teaches, or what they heard from their parents. But they haven’t dug into the Truth for themselves.

What does the Bible say about Truth? How are Christians supposed to live in today’s society? What does Jesus have to do with all of this?

Of course, a school doesn’t promise to answer all of these questions. Neither do teachers and staff who believe that Jesus is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” What they do promise is to provide the materials to search out the answers; to provide a place where people can devote time in their life to seeking Truth outside of the normal routine.

And in the process, some great relationships will be formed. Some friendships will end. But in the end, what the goal is ultimately, change will happen.

Perhaps that is a mission statement.


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