Christian Capitalism?

I’ve posted this video to Facebook a few times, but I doubt many people looked at it. And that’s a shame. Rarely have a seen such a concise and understandable explanation of why exactly Capitalism (i.e. the American Dream…) is bound to collapse in on itself. You should watch the video before going on…

…or not. The things is, Harvey is right on a several fronts.

Capitalism never solves its crises problems. It moves them around geographically.

But this is a governmental issue, right? The problem is the corporations and the politicians, right? “I don’t have anything to do with this,” we say. The reality is something else though.

Christians need to rethink everything about the manner in which they live their lives. For starters, how do most Christians choose the church they go to? Doctrine? Beliefs about the nature of God? Not really. Most Christians choose a home church based on the worship method. “What?” you say. How many Christians change churches because they don’t like the music, or they need “deeper” teaching on Sunday morning, or they want communion more often, or they want the church to stop hounding them about serving. “I’ve got a busy life already!” When it comes down too it, few Christians choose where they worship because of what the church believes. And what do we call that? Consumerism. We’re consumers within God’s church! We aren’t going to church looking to bring glory to God, but we go to be filled ourselves. We want to receive. Christian society has become one of taking, and it’s a lesson we’ve learned all too well from Capitalism.

Ultimately, something has to change.

More billionaires have appeared in India since the recession hit than ever before. How is this possible? Its possible because Capitalism, Consumerism, whatever you want to call it, is selfish. That sounds like an oversimplification, for sure, but that doesn’t make it not true. How does this affect anyone? Well, as Harvey points out, even he doesn’t have the solution. But what if there was a solution? What if there was a method that rose out of the mire of greed and offered a different view of how this world can and should function? Well, that might be something worth listening to.

I think paying attention to the new series at Mosaic is a good place to start, and you can listen to them online (through download or podcast) here. But, as with any place that might offer clues towards an answer, all preconceptions should be left at the door. I say that only as a warning to those who are seeking to have their own ideas validated, instead of genuinely seeking the Truth. The difference between the two approaches are vast, and not to be taken lightly.

So perhaps there’s an answer nearby. And maybe its not new. Maybe its time that everyone, Christians included, find a new mode of thinking.

And I guess, in order to find, we have to seek.


One thought on “Christian Capitalism?

  1. Very cool video and I’ll have to watch it over again a few times. Without racking my brain about it too hard, and obviously lacking any real education about this sort of thing, it seems to me that money seems to pool up among a minority regardless of whatever sort of economic system you have in place. One of the major differences between different economic theories that I can see is that they either leave that pool on the federal half of the fence or in the private sector. When it is in the private sector is holding the cards, at least the people have the power to choose where their money is going if they will simply think hard enough about it. This isn’t as easily accomplished when the government is using it’s authority to seize your wages and distribute them according to policies you did not necessarily have any sort of say in.

    As far as the church goes…it’s hard for me to relate here. I’ve only once ever really called a church my own and I’ve already grown a little distant with time. I’m starting to feel like an outsider there now, which is how I’ve felt at pretty much every other church I’ve ever gone to. Maybe I am looking for the wrong thing.

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