Well deserved.

Dear God, I do not ask for health or wealth. People ask you so often that you can’t have any left. Give me, God, what else you have. Give me what no-one else asks for. Amen. – Dakota Fanning, Man on Fire

St. Jude: St. Mary's, Fredericksburg, VA St. Jude is known as the patron saint of lost causes and you can read about him here. While the controversy about him is often forefront, the thing he represents is by far more important. The “desperate case,” the down-trodden, those who feel as though there is no hope left.

I’m moved right now, as I think about those who feel lost. I have been lost at times in my life, but never have I felt as though there were no end, no light. Even in my darkest moments, I felt as though God would never leave me alone. I don’t know how such an assurance came to be mine, and I shudder to think of how ungrateful I have been towards it.

But it is truly amazing to believe that there is always a hope. That when all seems to fall into despair and ruin, when those you love destroy themselves, that God is still in our midst and He is willing and able to rescue us. We need only ask.


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