Faithful, or faithless?

…’Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.’ – Matthew 25:21

I am fairly sure that when I stand before my Lord, He will not call me a “good and faithful servant.” So how does a person go from being a creature without faith, a servant who is lazy and doubting, to being the servant who was able to “enter into the joy of [his] master”?

A firm understanding of the “things” that we have been given charge of is crucial to being faithful. But be warned, by seeking knowledge of that to which you are called can produce a singular sense of failure. To see what God intended your life to be, and then to see what you have made of it, is quite possibly one of the most devastating revelations in a person’s life. So before you begin that search, be prepared for the path it will lead you down.

Perhaps you think me mean-spirited for discouraging a person from seeking God’s purpose in their life. If you will indulge me, I will try to explain. I would never desire for a person to stop their pursuit of God. That pursuit is the goal of my own life. But, very often a false sense of purpose brings people to this search. I have often heard, “it doesn’t matter why people come. It only matters that they come.” While that may hold true to the initial seeking between God and man, I do no think that such a simple perspective can be maintained when an individual begins digging into the higher thoughts and desires of God. Our purposes must always be clearly understood, or we will never gain a full understanding of His Purposes. As long as we seek His Will out of selfish desires, we will be a frustrated people and will do more damage than good.


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