What are we looking for?

Norah: Are you sorry that we missed it?

Nick: We didn’t miss it. This is it. C’mon. You wanna go home?


Everyone has an "it". "It" is that one thing we search for: more money, a job we like, someone who makes our loneliness go away, a better car, freedom on our own terms… And really the list could go on.

Often we miss out on the journey because we’re so busy looking for the journey’s end. We miss the forest for the trees, or whatever other silly cliche goes along with this thought. We frequently go about our lives with our priorities misaligned.

We do this to God. We pray because we need wisdom, or we’re feeling lonely. We don’t pray to bring ourselves closer to God. The result becomes so much more important to us than the process, and we ask God to cater to us in that regard. Does God answer our prayers all the same? Yes. And of course, sometimes No. There’s no formula for how to get the Lord to do as we ask. But that is the point

God is in the process. He’s in every step we take on the various journeys we find ourselves in. And each of us should learn to better walk the path.

It’s rare that I go to God in prayer simply because I want to talk to Him. It’s not rare that I call my girl friend just to hear her voice, or that I swing by my best friend’s house because I miss seeing him. These things aren’t bad, but they reveal the areas in my life where the end is more important than the way. And in many respects, that needs to change.


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